A One-Of-A-Kind, Joint Presentation

Joe Pistone (aka Donnie Brasco)

Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Famed Undercover FBI Agent

Jonathan Alpeyrie

Speaker, Author, War Photographer, & Syrian Hostage Survivor

Why Book Joe Pistone?

Millions around the globe know Joe Pistone as "Donnie Brasco," arguably the most influential law enforcement agent in American history.

His unrivaled undercover work lead to the imprisonment of hundreds of Mafiosi and rocked the American Mob to its core. Joe has received numerous awards throughout his career, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation's prestigious Medal of Valor.

In the years since leaving the FBI, Joe has become a highly sought-out public speaker, consultant, and presenter. He has spoken and taught around the world and across all industries, from corporate events and business seminars, to educational institutions and law enforcement & military organizations.

Perhaps his greatest strength as a communicator is his unique form of storytelling. His down-to-earth approach is powerful, and his firsthand insights captivate an audience like few other speakers can.

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Why Book Jonathan alpeyrie?

Everyone faces challenges at work, whether it is a pressing deadline, an unruly customer, or even a boss who has trouble relating to his staff. However, few people go to work everyday knowing that merely doing their job may cost them their life.

Two decades as a highly-recognized War Photographer has taken Jonathan to the frontlines of combat around the globe. In his book, The Shattered Lens, Jonathan recounts the remarkable story of his captivity and survival in Syria, a harrowing experience that forever changed his life. Sources in Hollywood say his riveting story will soon be told on the big screen.

His impassioned presentation is filled with inspirational messages that benefit everyone from seasoned corporate executives to recent college graduates.

Jonathan's seamless ability to connect with the audience is one of the reasons he consistently receives high marks and reviews.

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Cracking the Code - Nonverbal Communication

Pistone & Alpeyrie are leading experts in nonverbal communication- in this dynamic presentation, both men emphasis the importance of understanding body language and demonstrate how nonverbal clues often speak louder than words.

Identifying unspoken intentions can help with decision-making in hiring, evaluating, promoting, even firing. Knowing what to look for in others also assists in being a more consistent, trustworthy communicator.

The ability to read people provides a distinct advantage in the boardroom, at the negotiating table, and in personal relationships.

Pistone & Alpeyrie help attendees become better at detecting deception, building rapport, and establishing trust.

Learn to process what someone is telling you, even when they are saying something else.

Focus Under Pressure

Joe Pistone and Jonathan Alpeyrie are two of the world’s foremost experts in handling stress and performing under pressure. Through personal stories and breakthrough insights, they demonstrate how simple concepts and principles can have a major impact on success and failure.

Stress is a highly personalized phenomenon, experienced and felt differently from one person to the next, even in identical situations. Just as varied as the perception of what is or isn’t stressful is an individual’s reaction to it.

The resulting pressure triggers a flight or fight response- and while most people don’t literally flee, their attitude, behavior and performance can be negatively affected & severely compromised.

For Pistone and Alpeyrie, the ability to FOCUS UNDER PRESSURE meant the difference between life and death. From how to avoid distraction and be present in the moment, to strategies for establishing priorities and what if scenarios, watch as they seamlessly relate the lessons they learned to everyday life, both in business and at home.

Overcoming Adversity

Obstacles and adversity are a part of life, and few are more familiar with that reality than Joe Pistone & Jonathan Alpeyrie.

We all encounter roadblocks in our pursuit of business goals and personal dreams. All too often, we let these day-to-day frustrations get the best of us. Our attitude is negatively affected as our stress levels rise and our self-confidence wanes; obstacles drain us of our motivation and deplete our energy. And then we wonder why it feels like we're running in-place.

Through storytelling and breakthrough personal insights, Pistone & Alpeyrie demonstrate how to minimize the impact of these unavoidable obstacles and continue on the path to success.

Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence

Self-awareness is a core component of emotional intelligence. Being self-aware has countless benefits and can positively affect your physical health, your relationships, your performance at work, and even your social life.

While undercover, Pistone developed a strong sense of self-awareness. Like most other successful leaders, he became conscious of his strengths, and also was no longer afraid to acknowledge his weaknesses or areas for improvement.

Using personal stories and colorful examples, Pistone helps attendees gain a sense of their own self-awareness.

Street Smarts & Situational Assessment

Jonathan knows first-hand the value of situational awareness.

Never has situational awareness been more important than in today's world. Danger isn't resigned to just the bad part of town, a dark alleyway, or a foreign nation. Instead, danger and violence permeate every aspect of society, from schools and family businesses, to public functions and private events.

Yet despite this knowledge, some of us go about our day oblivious to what's happening around us, too busy sending text messages or emails. And then something bad happens that could have easily been avoided had we just been paying attention.

In this unique presentation, Pistone & Alpeyrie draw on vast experience to demonstrate how having a ‘street-smart’ mindset makes it easier to prepare for and deal with these inevitable situation.


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